Monday, April 07, 2008

Yay weekend!

Had a good time this weekend... never know what's gonna happen on those, anymore! Friday night we had our show at Lusk, and Secondlife was having a little trouble with crashes all over the grid. Luckily, we give out our stream address in advance, so we actually had quite a few listening even with SL down. We continued to play and had a great time! Things came back up about 30 minutes before the end of the show, although very slow and "headless" avatars everywhere :D

Saturday, Hunter and I went to brekky at IHOP, and then out to the opening of the Eugene Saturday Market. It was fun getting to walk around, see the sights and talk to the merchants. I got a great little pottery soap dish for the bathroom, and Hunter found some really good lotion for dry hands that works like a charm in this climate. We also got to wander around the adjacent Farmer's Market, and got some honey sticks. Hunter also got some duros, and they are really tasty! Sort of like pork rinds, but fried wheat, not pork :D

After the market, we came home to watch some Columbo. We've been getting quite a few old TV series through Netflix, and have really been enjoying them. We've just seen the two so far, but Peter Falk does such an amazing job. It's easy at times to forget they were made in the early 70s, but then you see the hair and suits and the illusion is ruined, hehe. They were mostly filmed in the Los Angeles area, so it's fun to watch them with Hunter and have him pointing out places he's been and how much they have changed since then.

On Sunday, we woke up thinking of mini-golf and the new Simon Pegg movie, but instead got the urge to drive back out to the coast and the Three Rivers Casino. All in all, it was a fun drive and great spending time together, even though I lost my $50. Oh well, can't win em all :D When we got back, I ended up making the $50 back helping an old neighbor friend of mine set up a home wireless network router and laptops, so it all worked out in the end! Then, we had dinner at my Dad's house, with my sister, and enjoyed some corned beef and salad.

This morning, as usual, I got to talk to my friend Rosa on the drive to work. I really enjoy getting the chance to keep in touch, she's such a joy to have as a friend.

But, it's back to work today, so talk to you later!


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