Friday, April 25, 2008

Yay, weekend plans!

Hidey-ho! Another blog post from me :) Here's what I've been up to!

Last weekend was pretty blah, actually. Hunter was able to get a last minute flight to California to be with his family for Passover (which was really cool for him to get to see his friends, family, and the wonderful Schultzy doggy). I couldn't get the time off, and it wasn't very affordable for two tickets, so I stayed home and remembered how blah my life was before Hunter and I partnered. I did get to spend a little extra time in Second Life, building and landscaping, and that was fun. I also got to spend some wonderful quality time with Frogg, just talking and hanging out, for the most part. We watched some Doctor Who as well, and pretty much relaxed around the house. It was a nice little dip back into what my life was like before, but frankly, after a few days of it, I'm extremely grateful Hunter's back, and I get to be with him. Life just tends to have more color in it when he's around. :)

The weekdays themeslves have been pretty usual, just working, TV and eating. However, this coming weekend, we've got some wonderful plans up in Portland. Frogg and I are taking Friday night and Saturday night off shows this weekend, so I can travel with Hunter and Frogg can get some rest and use the car to travel around. After work today, Hunter and I are driving up to Portland to a hotel so we can relax in our little suite, order some room service, and generally just have a good time together up there visiting some of the local sights and the joy of having someone clean your room and bathroom :D We don't have any real plans, except possibly to see a movie and stop by the Portland furmeet that the group there has once or twice a month. It would be nice to meet some of the local Oregon furs, as I really don't run into much furry related activity here in Eugene. If we end up meeting some interesting furs and have a good time, we may even make trips to Portland for picnics and such! Plus, with the RainFurrest happening in September, perhaps we'll meet some that will also be attending.

The Columbia gorge is up that way too, with lots of waterfalls, so maybe I can entice Hunter to go on a little drive to see the scenery and falls. :D

More to come later, and I hope to have piccies and such as well!


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