Monday, April 14, 2008

Learning experience

Just writing about how the weekend went. :) On Saturday, we made some cinnamon rolls (Pillsbury of course!) then went out for a little drive, then over to the Camp Putt for some mini-golf. We both had a wonderful time there! They have an 18 hole course, and had just added another 18 hole course. Since we had a coupon, we both got to play all 36 holes for only $11 total! After that we did our shopping and headed home so we could be back in time for a 4PM show that Frogg and I were doing for Yuri's Night.

Well, right before the show, Hunter felt a migraine headache coming on. Nothing too serious, but it felt strong enough that he curled up on the couch watching TV and we did our show. When I came out, he was in pretty bad pain, trying to keep the light out of his eyes and just hoping the pain would stop. Eventually he even ended up in the shower numbing his neck, to stop the constant pain. I felt a little helpless, but from what I understand, he's had these before, and what caused it was the exposure to UV rays in direct sun, which we were in playing the mini-golf. Eep! Before he moved, he had some UV blocking sunglasses, also polarized, and they did the trick. He had a miserable night, until the sun went down and it was finally dark enough for the pain to go away. How terrible! I've never had migraines before, but from what he tells me, this was about as bad as they get. We almost drove to urgent care to get some relief, but it would have been horribly expensive, and he felt it would subside on it's own. It did, like I mentioned, after dark, but it pretty much put him out of commission for almost 16 hours. Poor guy!!

On Sunday, we went to CostCo and got some more sunglasses with the UV blocking and polarized lenses, for future sun-based activities. I had no idea that just being exposed to the sun could cause so much trouble, so it was a learning experience for me, and from now on I'll be reminding him about the glasses before we go out. The rest of Sunday was just fine, with a simple show and dinner.

Other than that, this week proves to be a simple one, except that I'm taking the housekitty Samantha to the vet on Wednesday for a dental cleaning. It's something she's had done a lot before, but I still worry because they have to put her under to do it. So I'll be on pins and needles a bit that day until I leave to pick her up.

Hope you all had a good weekend!


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