Monday, April 28, 2008

Back from the trip!

Hello folks! Hunter and I are back from our wonderful trip to Portland. Friday night after work we drove up and made it to the hotel without a hitch. We listened to Canadia 2056 almost the whole way up and back on Sunday, and it's proved to be a very interesting space drama with lots of little comedy thrown in, and good characters. After checking in, walked around the Washington Square mall, ending up at Red Lobster for dinner. It was tasty, but I forgot about my issues with salt intake, and when we got back, I couldn't get to sleep until 5AM :( I had a rough night, but I had a lovely mate to help me through it once I got up the courage to wake him for company. We talked about it afterwards, and I need to remember to do that sooner, keeping in mind that we're in life together now, and should share burdens. Not just when he has trouble, but when I do too! It's a new concept for me, but it puts my mind at ease knowing so.

On Saturday, we had the free brekky at the hotel, then made it over to Portland's waterfront, by the Willamette River. Lots of great shops and walkways, on a really nice sunny day. We walked for probably 3 hours, then ended up back at the Pioneer Square mall, to check out the furmeet that was being held that day by the Portland fur group. Didn't really stay too long, but met a few interesting furs, then headed out to enjoy the day a bit more. We drove out highway 30 to the Vista House first, on our way to Multnomah Falls. Vista House was incredible! The last few times I've been there, it's been closed for renovation, so I went for the view. I didn't know that in 2004, they reopened it, and the inside was quite impressive. The wind outside the House was whipping back and forth with a speed that threatened to knock us over, almost ripping Hunter's sunglasses off his shirt! We drove from there out to the falls, passing a few other smaller falls along the way. Quite a scenic drive. Multnomah Falls was also very impressive, and we got to walk up to a bridge that spanned the rushing water for a great view. I have a little YouTube video here! We were pretty exhausted after that, and pretty much just returned to the hotel for some TV and room service.

Sunday, we decided to just take a drive up north a ways. We stopped for brunch at a place just over the border in Washington State, where we ate and found out latest feline addition to the plushie family, a tiny white tiger we named Brock, after the restaurant. After that, we drove almost all the way to Olympia, WA, to the Lucky Eagle Casino, for a little bit of gambling related fun. We weren't as lucky as the eagle, and left after about an hour, headed back to town.

It was a really nice trip, good to get away now and again to see the sights! Talk to ya later!


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