Monday, May 19, 2008

Gettin' Excited!

Well, it's just under 5 days now that Hunter and I will be winging out way down to Los Angeles, to visit Disneyland and start the cruise to Mazatlan. We're both getting very anxious about it, and gathering together all our packing and laundry to prepare well in advance. We leave Friday at around 3PM from the airport (1PM from home) and arrive in LA sometime in the evening. This will be the first time my mate and I have traveled by plane together... what a treat!

Saturday the 24th we will be in Disneyland, a place I haven't been since I was probably just 7 or 8 years old. When I last was there, they were still using coupon books of tickets for the rides (which they abolished in 1982) and they still had the Adventure thru Inner Space ride. I know photography is allowed at the park, so look for a lot of pictures from me, both on Flickr above and later when I get back! Hunter has been to the park over 15 times, so I'm going to let him do the honors of picking out rides :D

Then, Sunday the 25th, we board the ship and head out! I think I posted the itinerary of the journey earlier in the blog so I won't go into looking it up, here. But I'll try to keep a journal or something on the trip to recount later :)

Yesterday, to keep from getting too antsy, we drove out towards Bend, Oregon, and visited Sisters. It's a great little town, a bit touristy but with some nice shops and restaurants. It was a wonderful drive, and we even saw some snow around. Quite a change from the 90+ temperatures we've been having in the valley here.


At 6/01/2008 9:58 AM, Blogger Rosa Rambles said...

OKAY your home now! Details kitty details!!! how was the trip!!!!


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